Uh oh…time to get a shot!?

My mummy finally convince my dad to take me to the vet for my allergies. It’s about time! Dad like seriously, I have been itchy, scratching, and crying for a few weeks now! My mum really worries about me and dad thinks she is crazy. I know mummy is right, I need help! I’m only one years old and I already have a problem, what happens if I live to 100 and I am just one red hot spot!?! I’m going to the vet for my allergies tomorrow. I’ve tried everything; benedryll, zrytec, grain free food, coconut oil, natural allergy treats, cortisone cream, and oatmeal baths. I just want these hot spots and sores to go away. I hope they help me tomorrow. I better go check the scale and see if I need to take a run today. (psssttt..yeah right. I’m a puggle, I’m lazy.)

Have you been to the vet?

help i’ve sneezed and i can’t get up

Allergies. A lot of people have them, including my mom, but did you know, dogs get them too? I have allergies. Have I been tested? No. It costs $400 to get an allergy test dog for furry friends. My poor mom is trying everything to help me; oatmeal baths, itching spray, and allergy treats. My mom just bought me coconut oil which will help my skin and Zyrtec pills. The problems that I have with my allergies is that I get ear infection, dry skin, and hot spots. It really hurts and looks bad! They itch so much that I end up cutting the spots and bleeding. Thank goodness mommy is my own personal nurse. I really hope this new stuff mommy has helps me with my allergies.

Do you have allergies? If so, what are you allergic to?

Take a look in a book

So before my mom got me, my mom use to read a lot. She really likes books about romance and vampires. I think she was in that phase that all teenage girls have, that twilight phase? Now that my mom has my sister and I, she rarely gets time to read. As some of you may know, my humans are getting married so they have to take marriage classes together. A couple suggested to read this book, The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. My mom is almost one with the book already! She thinks it’s a really great book for couples who are getting married. My humans have been together since 2013 and my mom agrees this book is helping her make my dad happy. It talks about the 5 different languages that people express their love; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. If you don’t wanna read the book, you can take a quiz to see which love language you are.

Take the quiz and let me know in the comments which love language you are!

Watch out kids, Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today my mom is awake and spending time with me while my dad is sleeping. I wish my dad was off tonight to protect my mom, sister, and I from all those scary fireworks. Last night, I was so scared. I was not prepared for fireworks the day BEFORE the 4th of July! Thank goodness, mommy let me snuggle in bed with her to keep me safe. I know my mom, sister, and I will be fine tonight as long as we stay in the house when we hear the fireworks. Just remember people with furry friends, keep your pets inside while the fireworks are happening. Have a fun and safe 4th of July Everyone!

What are your plans for tonight?

feelin’ hot hot hot

Today my mom and dad went to the store for my sister and I. They got me my medicine for my allergies and my sister some chew gummies that are suppose to help her with her anxiety. I hope this helps her for when people come over and the fireworks tomorrow. Plus, my mom got me a bonus, more toys! I love ripping up toys and eating the stuffing. I guess that’s why I always end up getting my toys taken away for me. It was so hot today that my mommy took my sister and I outside and gave us a bucket of water with ice cubes. We love ice cubes! My sister seems to always end up taking them all out of the bucket before I even get a chance to! I hope tomorrow my mommy gives us another bucket of ice while she goes out and tans in the sun.

Do you go tanning with your humans?

Little Bo Peep has Lost Her Sheep

My mom and dad left my sister and I at home while they went to see Toy Story 4. My mom hasn’t gone to the movies in a very long time, so it was about time she went. When my parents came home, they talked all about the movie and I got to listen to what it was about since no four legged friends are allowed in. SPOILER ALERT! My mom said it was the best movie she’s seen in a long time! It’s all about how Bonnie has created a new friend Forky during her kindergarten orientation out of a plastic fork and some craft supplies. Bonnie is obsessed with Forky, kind of like how I’m obsessed with busy bones and naps. Forky doesn’t understand that he is now a toy, and he tries to keep running away during a road trip. Woody has to keep an eye on Forky, but he gets captured by these weird dolls and a tea party doll named Gabby. Along the way, Woody meets his long lost friend, Bo Peep. Note: That is not what Bo Peep looks like in the picture, I personally she looks better though than the movie version Bo Peep. Anyways, it is up to Woody and his friends he meets along the way to rescue Forky and bring him back to Bonnie before they go home from their road trip. After hearing about it, I give it two paws up!